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Call for Subjects PIC 2020-2021

Ecole Centrale de Pékin


Ecole Centrale de Pékin (Ecpkn, Sino-French Engineer School, Beihang University) is preparing the project activities for the year 2020-2021. We kindly invite industrial companies, public organizations, etc., to propose project subjects and accomplish the whole project following and supervising cycle.




In its 6.5 years engineer curriculum (4 years’ Bachelor + 2.5 years’ Master), Ecole Centrale de Pékin includes the “project activities” to be realized by students in teams.Collaborative Innovation Project (PIC) is part of the project activities program. PIC is an opportunity for students to use what they learned for resolving scientific and technological problems in real professional situations. The aim of PIC is to train students to:


1. Generate a problem from client’s need or idea, and design solutions for the problem.

2. Develop creativity and innovation skills.

3. Develop information and knowledge searching, and problem analyzing skills.

4. Develop engineering and research skills.

5. Develop team-working, communication, oral expressing skills.

6. Learn career cultures and adapt to industrial world.


PIC is opened to the 1st year of Master students (5th school year of Ecpkn). PIC can concern a wide range of activities from industrial applications to scientific research, in any possible field or discipline. A team constituted of about 4-5 students will work on the project from October 2020 to May 2021, on a basis of one half days per week (on 25 weeks), which represent around 50 man days of workload.


The PICs are tutored normally by two persons: Project Coachand Scientific Referent. Project Coach (the researcher, engineer or manager, who submits the project, as a client from company) is defined to take the full responsibility to follow, tutor and monitor the project. Scientific Referent is normally a professor from Ecpkn, who is assigned to give scientific or organizational suggestions, and help the coordination between a project team and Ecpkn.


During the PICs, three formal “Steering Committees” are organized by Ecpkn with the company client and both French and Chinese’s teachers, to whom the students have to make oral presentations. 1. Opening Steering Committee, to make sure good understanding of the subject and good project launching; 2. Middle-Term Steering Committee, to check the work process and resolve existing problems. 3. Final Steering Committee, to conclude and evaluate the project’s result. Students should keep in touch closely with their Project Coach and Scientific Referent and report their work periodically during all along the project activity.



Main steps:

1. The Project Coach (engineer, manager, or researcher from companies) submits project proposals for PIC to Ecpkn (before 13 September 2020).

2. Ecpkn examines and verifies the received project proposals (20 September 2020).

3. Projects are published to students, then selected by student teams (27 September 2020).

4. Ecpkn constitutes and completes project teams (8 October 2020).

5. Projects are launched (14 October 2020).

6. Projects are executed and evaluated (from October 2020 to June 2021)


We are looking forward to your participation into the PIC activity 2020-2021 of Ecpkn. If you are interested to propose a project, please complete the enclosed project form and submit to us by replying to:



  Project Form PIC 2020-2021 Ecpkn.doc