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ThalesGroup (French: [talɛs]) is a French multinational company thatdesigns and builds electrical systems and provides services forthe aerospace, defense, transportation and security markets.Its headquarters are in La Défense (the business districtof Paris), and its stock is listed on the Euronext Paris.

The companychanged its name to Thales (from the Greek philosopher Thales, pronounced [talɛs] reflectingits pronunciation in French) from Thomson-CSF in December 2000shortly after the £1.3 billion acquisition of Racal Electronics plc, a UK defenseelectronics group. It is partially state-owned by the French government, andhas operations in more than 50 countries. It has 68,000 employees andgenerated €13.03 billion in revenues in 2011. The Group is ranked as the475th largest company in the world by Fortune 500 Global. It is alsothe 10th largest defense contractor in the world and 55% of itstotal sales are military sales.

The CEO ofThales Group is Patrice Caine since December 2014.