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Sidel is the leading global provider of PETsolutions for liquid packaging. We are committed to being an innovative,responsive and reliable partner, providing sustainable solutions for thebeverage industry

Sidel is a leading provider of production equipment andservices for liquids in PET, can and glass.

Sidel is responsible for helpingto package beverages enjoyed by millions of consumers around theworld every day. Each of our employees is committed to this responsibility. Inour world, there is only one product that matters: The beverage product.

With 30,000 machines installed inmore than 190 nations, Sidel has been helping food and beverage producersfor over 100 of its 165 years of existence. In that time we have been helpingproducers fill beverage bottles for over 80 years and blow them formore than 50. We have 40 years of aseptic packaging expertise, and were one ofthe first companies to introduce PET bottles to the beverage industry over 35years ago.

High standards are important when you helppackage beverages for global and local brands. This includes foodsafety and also strong ethics, good corporategovernance and the right environmentaland sustainability approach. These are fundamental parts of ourculture and built into our daily working practices at Sidel.

Sidel is committed to being the mostinnovative, responsive and reliable partner to beverage producers globally. Westrive to create the tailored solution that caters precisely to their needs,creating the value they seek to meet today's contradictory demands. We do thisby offering modular solutions that are easily adaptable to market developmentsand future technology. Solutions comprising world-class equipment, services andpeople. Solutions that deliver product quality, flexibility, reliability, lowercosts and brand impact. All at the same time. Now and in the future. Globallyand locally. Without compromise.

We call it A Better Match.