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We are the long-term technology partnerfor the capital markets, working with financial institutions in over 60countries to adapt and evolve their IT systems. In a changing financial world,our technology is designed to help our 45,000 daily users respond to thechallenges they face today and build foundations for the future.

MX.3 is our award-winning open platformthat sits at the heart of our clients’ IT infrastructure. This agile foundationbrings together a specialized set of business process to deliver regulatory andbusiness ready solutions, across asset classes, business functions and sectors.

The modular platform means clients canconsolidate and grow their IT infrastructure step-by-step, at a lower cost anddelivering immediate, tangible business value.

• Consolidate inefficient legacysystems

• Manage cost pressures and reduce TCO

• Improve regulatory time-to-market andefficiency

For over 30 years Murex has invested indeveloping the leading technology solution for capital markets participants,from banks and brokers to energy and commodities firms. Today we have over2,000 employees in 17 countries who are committed to helping our customers,from disruptive market entrants to some of the most established global players,navigate the changing financial landscape.

As the capital markets continue toevolve, we will keep investing to make sure that our clients, our company andour people can do the same.

As you plot your course, we’ll be withyou every step of the way.