-School Introduction

Our History


        April 2005: Beihang University and Groupe des Ecoles Centrales  signed a cooperation agreement under the support of the two governments to jointly establish the Sino-French Engineer School.

        September 2005: 107 students enrolled in the first batch of 2005 under Bru Fund. Mr. Ji Zhou, the Chinese Education Minister, and Mr. Christian Poncelet, President of the Senate of France, attended the opening ceremony.

        November 2006: Mr. Henri Revol, senator of the Parliament of France, president of the Parliamentary Office of Evaluation of Choice of Science and Technology, visited Beihang University and the Sino-French Engineer School.

        February 2007: Mr. Gilles de Robien, French National Education Minister, visited Beihang University and the Sino-French Engineer School.

        April 2007: The first science and technology seminar between Beihang University and Groupe des Ecoles Centrales was held.  

        January 2008: Sino-French Engineer School organized the first “ Industrial Partners’ Day” event. It was followed by a series of events named “Celebrated Enterprise Entering Sino-French Engineer School” .

        September 2008: The first batch consisting of 10 students of Sino-French Engineer School went to France for 2 year exchange study.

        October 2008:Professor Xiong Zhang of BUAA, the  celebrated expert in the field of computer applications and a national prominent teacher, was appointed as the dean of Sino-French Engineer School.

        October 2008:The first batch of Sino-French Engineer School students enrolled in the engineer-cycle. Mr. Miao Wei, Deputy Minister of Chinese Industry and Information Technology, and Ms. Anne-Marie Idrac, State Secretary of French Economy,Industry and Employment Ministry,attended the opening ceremony.

        January 2009: Ms. Xiaoyu Zhu, the Educational Minister Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in France, visited Sino-French Engineer School.

        June 2009: The first batch of Sino-French Engineer School students obtained their bachelor’s degree from Beihang University.

        October 2009: Mr. Jean DOREY, the French Dean of Sino-French Engineer School, won the China National Friendship Award of 2009.

        December 2009: Françgois Fillon, Prime Minister of France, visited BUAA and gave a speech entitled “Let Innovation Lead Us Out of  Crisis”.

        Prime Minister Fillon visited Sino-French Engineer School, and inscribed the following words as souvenir: There are a lot of successful cooperations between China and France. The Sino-French Engineer School under the cooperation of BUAA and Groupe des Ecoles Centrales is one of them, she symbolizes the evergreen friendship between the two countries.

        December 2009: Mr. Bernard Remaud, President of CTI (La Commission des Titres d'Ingénieur – French Engineer Position Committee), visited BUAA and inspected Sino-French Engineer School.

        March 2010: Mr. Luc Chatel, French Education Minister, visited BUAA and Sino-French Engineer School and had a cordial conversation with its teachers and students.

        May 2010: A signing ceremony for the establishment of the Sino-French Laboratoire international associé (LIA) was held in Lyon, France.

        June 2010: Jean-Pierre Raffarin, former Prime Minister of France, led a delegation and visited BUAA and the College. 

        June 2010: CTI conducted an inspection and evaluated  ECPk’s qualification for engineer certificate.

        June 2010: The Education Ministry held the opening ceremony for “Excellent Engineers Training Program”, Sino-French Engineer School is selected by BUAA as the pilot college to enroll in the program along with Tsinghua University and 21 other top-level universities.

        July 2010: Ms. Valérie Pécresse, French Minister of Higher Education and Research, led a delegation to visit BUAA and Sino-French Engineer School.

        July 2010: Mr. Jean Besson, Chairman of Sino-French Friendship Committee of the French Senate, led a delegation to visit BUAA and Sino-French Engineer School.

        October 2010: Sino-French Engineer School successfully obtained the Commission des Titres d’Ingénieur (CTI) and EUR-ACE accreditation.

        October 2010: President Jinpeng Huai was invited to give a keynote speech in the First Sino-French Higher Education Forum.

        October 2010: Sino-French Engineer School organized the first meeting named “Celebrating Anniversary and Achieving Excellence” advocating the scientific and technological achievement of the students.

        October 2010: Mr. Zhuanglong Jin, General Manager of COMAC Commercial Aircraft, participated in the Sino-French Engineer School 2010 Management Board. Sino-French Engineer School has held 9 Joint Management Committee meetings so far.

        April 2011: The first meeting of “Sino-Europe Experts Group for Engineering Education” was convened in Beihang university.

        April 2011: A delegation group of teachers and students of Sino-French Engineering School visited Xichang Satellite Launch Center.

        April 2011: The first meeting of Management Board of Associated International Laboratory For Modeling, Mechanics, Control and Information Science was held, of which Zhang Jun, vice president of Beihang university was elected dean of the laboratory.

        July 2011: French ambassador in China, Mrs. Sylvie BERMANN visited Sino-French Engineering School.

        October 2011: Former French Premier Minister Raffarin received honored Doctor degree in Beihang university.

        December 2011: The two directors of Ecole Centrale de Pékin, XIONG Zhang and Jean DOREY, sign the degrees of the first promotion of engineers.