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Mobilization Meeting on Summer Social Practice was...


In order to deepen students’ understandings on summer social practice, to specify the meanings of practice, and to help them prepare for the practice, Sino-French Engineer School held a mobilization meeting at 20:00 on May, 17th in Building No.2. Counselor Shen Tianyi of Class 13 hosted this meeting.

First of all, he summarized the achievements of winter social practice, and awarded excellent practice teams and individuals.

Then he compared the summer practice this year to the one of last year. Different from cognitive practice, social practice needed students discuss and invest deeper questions and solve them by what they have learned. It was the first exploration to our future careers, by doing the practice and accumulating related experience, it will help us choose internship and jobs in the future.

In the meantime, Shen Tianyi provided some good ideas and innovating thoughts. For example, students can try multilateral voluntary modes, such as setting up relationships among college students, enterprises, and city workers.

    During the meeting, he also answered students’ questions and concerns, at the end of the meeting, he expressed his expectations and best wishes for the students. He hoped by this practice, students could concern social hot spots and devote themselves to country construction, and further improve their international horizons.