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Key Practice Team Defense of Summer Social Practic...

 At 14:00 on May, 23rd, key practice team defense of 2015 Summer Social Practice of Sino-French Engineer School was successfully held in Classroom 305, Building No.2.

15 practice teams of 30 applied for key practice teams of school level. Three counselors and a senior student with abundant practice experiences were the judges. These candidates went on stage by ballot, they had 3 minutes for introduction and 2 minutes for question and answer. Their presentation should include the theme, purpose, process, and expected goal.

These practice teams had various themes. Some chose to go to Air and Space enterprises for interviewing, some planned to go to Wenchuan for an investigation on post-disaster reconstruction. Many themes were very novel: one decided to reform supporting education, another team, which performed well in winter social practice, chose to extend their investigation on people’s attitudes toward traditional Chinese culture based on their winter practice achievements.

Many teams introduced their safety precautions, for example, carrying a medical box with team. They made adequate preparation and officially dressed for this defense. The defense was of high quality.

In question and answer part, judges gave a lot of suggestions to help students achieve their goal, and to make the practice meaningful.

    The defense was a good chance for these teams to know each other, and to let them know their advantages and disadvantages. Each team learned a lot in the exchange and communication.