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2015 Sino-French Culture Month Closing Party was G...

 At 18:00 on May, 30th, 2015 Sino-French Culture Month Closing Party was held on schedule in Academic exchange hall. President Hong Guanxin, French President M.Gilles Fleury, French Vice President M.Francois-Xavier Alzuyeta, Deputy Secretary Tian Yuan, Sub-League Secretary Chen Hui and many teachers attended the party. During the party, students showed their talents and sent their best wishes for the 10th anniversary of the foundation of Sino-French Engineer School.


The party began with an opening video, in which students at BUAA expressed their feelings about the school, and students who had graduated or gone abroad sent their blessings for Sino-French Engineer School. Later on, girls of Class 2014 gave an opening dance, the party officially began. President Hong Guanxin first delivered a speech and introduced the current situation and future plans to the students. Then students brought excellent performances of singing, poetry reading, folk music, and drama playing. French teachers also presented their elaborate song “The Moon Represents My Heart”. Finally, Students Union successfully ended the party with a classic Chinese song “Xiao Sa Zou Yi Hui”. During the performance, we still held the awarding ceremony for Sino-French Medal students and excellent Deputy Directors of Students Union. The party enjoyed a warm and solemn atmosphere.

     The party was strongly supported by teachers and students. On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the foundation of Sino-French Engineer School, students enjoyed a lot in the party and expressed their sincere blessings for the school future.

(photo/Liu Xiaoying  text/Wang Jinshuang  editor/Liu Xiaoying)